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Orthocaps Treatment



Are you looking for an alternative to braces?  The Orthocaps Aligner System may be for you.  Dr Vaughan has undergone specific training and is a qualified Orthocaps professional and is one of the most experienced Orthocaps providers in Australia.

Orthocaps is a German precision designed Twin Aligner System.  

The Orthocaps sysem comprises two sets of transparent aligners.  Each set is made from a separate material and exerts a different amount of pressure.  This innovation is called Twin Aligner.  There are no metal parts guaranteeing your unrivaled comfort throughout treatment.

During the day, your day aligners work imperceptibly while you go about your personal and professional life.  At night, whether you are asleep or simply less active, the night aligners take over the continuous orthodontic correction


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Orthocaps is a great alternative to other treatment options. If you'd like to arrange for a toally free consultation, call us on (02) 4956 2020 or email us at