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Combined Surgery and Orthodontics in Newcastle

Some patients have jaw size discrepancies that cannot be corrected with braces. In these cases, surgical lengthening or shortening of the jaw may be required. Dr Peter Vaughan works with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in the treatment of these cases.

Understanding Orthodontic Surgery

Dental surgery sounds like a dramatic treatment and many patients become very worried at its mention. All potential surgery patients are given non-surgical options for treatment and the advantages and disadvantages of surgery are explained. The main advantage with surgery is it that it can shorten treatment time considerably and it will almost always produce a better result.

We encourage prospective surgical patients to talk to patients who have already undergone these surgical procedures.

Your Trusted Newcastle Orthodontist

Dr Vaughan has extensive experience in combined surgical and orthodontic treatment where there has been disharmony in the facial growth. Dr Vaughan has also lectured at a number of international conferences on combined surgical and orthodontic correction of patients who have shorter lower jaws.

Dr Vaughan is a joint author and major contributor to a paper published in the Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery. He currently works with Drs Mehenna, Wilson, and Hoffman in Newcastle and Dr Tsarikis in Sydney and recommends these surgeons for the IMDO procedure.

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