Orthodontic Treatment in Newcastle

Offering a full range of orthodontic services in Newcastle, Dr Peter Vaughan is committed to superior quality service and the health and wellbeing of patients. Dr Vaughan utilises a wide range of orthodontic treatments to achieve the best possible outcomes. There are over 150 different models of brackets available  each claiming to be the best.  The difference in orthodontic work is in the operator, not the type of bracket used.

Edgewise braces: These  metal braces have become the industry standard or are a variation of these.

Clear braces: Clear braces are a more aesthetic, and virtually invisible. They are perfect for maintaining your appearance while providing basic correctional treatment.

Invisalign:  Invisalign treatments are ideal for cosmetic dental corrections. These clear aligners provide a subtle and effective method for aligning teeth.

Orthocaps: These German engineered aligners are especially comfortable and comprise two sets of a transparent aligners.  Each set is made from a separate material and exerts a different amount of pressure.  One set is worn at night and one set is worn during the day.

Surgery: Orthodontic surgery is sometimes necessary to manage issues with jaw size and bite, as well as serious dental problems. Orthodontic surgery is discretionary and dependent on the patient’s needs and the potential dental benefits.

Functional appliances:  Also known as “plates”, these appliances are designed for when the lower jaw does not grow as fast as the upper jaw.   If treatment is too early  then growth will undo the benefit of treatment and further treatment will be required. They require a high level of  cooperation.  Younger patients have difficulty achieving this high standard. Consequently treatments fail at a younger age due to lack of cooperation.

Expansion plates:  This is a valuable treatment form, and is often a better alternative to extracting teeth.

Plates: Customised acrylic plates are useful if there are only a few teeth to be moved or when patients do not want braces.

Extractions: Dr Vaughan tries to avoid extractions and feels they are necessary for a very small group of patients.

Habit correction: Habit correction is used to combat habituated behaviours in children and adults that have adverse effects on teeth and bite.

Monitoring growth for natural correction: At the formative stage of growth, it’s critically important to check for teeth which may be misaligned as well as possible bite issues. This monitoring is used to prevent major dental problems in later life.

Other treatment considerations:  such as teeth whitening, tooth remodelling, or hygiene services are also available, and on occasion may need to be available.

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