Dr Peter Vaughan believes that as a professional person, and as an employer, that there are important social responsibilities that should be fulfilled.

Responsibility to the patients

Dr Peter Vaughan takes his responsibility for his patients very seriously. He maintains his professional integrity through:

  • Providing all treatment plans in writing. The treatment plans specify the problems present, the treatment options, and any considerations that may affect treatment.
  • Providing a written guarantee with the majority of treatments offered.

Responsibility to the employees of the practice

Dr Peter Vaughan employs 16 team members in his practice. The working conditions are such that staff have an average of 18 years employment between them. The extended employment terms of our team members is evidence of the favourable work environment and the enjoyment of working together. The team’s collective knowledge base ensures a quality service to patients and parents. You can meet The Orthodontic Team here.

Responsibility to the community

Dr Peter Vaughan along with his wife Karen assist the community in many ways, including:

  • They work as volunteers for a number of charities, sporting and community groups and provide discounted or sometimes free orthodontic care to a number of patients who would otherwise never be able to afford orthodontic care.
  • They donate to many charities, including Black Dog and the John McLean Foundation and belong to the Foundation Circle of the Hunter Medical Research Institute. Dr Peter Vaughan and his wife initiated a research program studying Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia Nervosa was chosen as a number of his patients have experienced this illness, it is often life threatening, and yet remains poorly understood.
  • Peter and Karen have made significant contributions to support research into mental health – specifically the area of depression, as this affects both young and old.
  • Peter has employed a number of challenged young people over the years. One of these employees had a form of autism. By finding work that this person was capable of performing, in close conjunction with the former Department of Social Security, this employee managed to develop and mature so that the person was capable of living an independent life. This persons parents need no longer worry about the day when they will no longer be able to help her.

Responsibility to the Dental Profession

Peter takes his responsibility to the dental profession seriously. This is demonstrated by his commitment to:

  • Providing orthodontic care that is of the highest standard and quality.
  • Always being honest with patients, especially when treatment is not required, or when multiple treatment options are available.
  • Being honest when requested to act as an expert witness. Dr Vaughan believes that it is more important that the profession establishes a competency standard, and members of his profession reach this standard. He also believes that all treatment should exceed an “average” quality.
  • Ensuring practice staff are continually maintaining their professional knowledge with ongoing training to keep them updated with new equipment, technology procedures and standards.

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