Removal Of Teeth

Tooth extractions are a controversial area in orthodontics. This might come as a surprise to some people, who may view the removal of teeth as a fairly common procedure. This is true to a certain extent. There are many orthodontists out there who are happy to remove teeth.  Dr Vaughan however, tries to avoid extractions wherever possible.

Why Should We Avoid Removing Teeth?

The removal of healthy body tissue in the fields of dentistry and medicine is unique to orthodontics. It goes without saying that the removal of healthy body tissue should be minimised. Unfortunately, that’s not always the attitude some orthodontists have.

A tooth extraction should always be a last resort once all other alternatives have been explored. It can change the face permanently creating a narrow smile. In most cases, when an orthodontist prescribes the removal of teeth, they do so because of severe crowding.

Why Are Natural Teeth Important?

Many people don’t imagine getting false tooth/teeth or having a gap to be that bad, leading them to be dismissive about the prospect of losing a tooth or even several teeth. But it’s preferable to hold onto natural teeth for several reasons:

  • teeth on either side of a missing tooth can start to angle in towards the gap where the tooth was, causing problems with your bite and making it difficult to maintain oral hygiene
  • missing teeth make it more difficult to bite and chew food
  • your facial structure can be noticeably different where a tooth or teeth have been removed because of bone loss
  • missing teeth can also affect speech
  • teeth that oppose the gap (upper or lower) where a tooth was removed can erupt out of the gumline because there is no longer anything for them to bite against
  • dentures (false teeth) are expensive and can be difficult to maintain

Making the Decision to Remove Teeth

Even with severe crowding before making a decision about whether to remove teeth, Dr Vaughan will usually commence aligning  the teeth then if the need still exists he will then request to have teeth removed

If a patient does need a tooth extraction, there is no need to worry about pain or complications. Nowadays, tooth extraction is not a difficult procedure and can be performed in a dental chair under local anaesthetic.

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